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i have a ticket to the Momusu NY show that i’m selling half price or for trade!

hello everyone!

here’s the scoop - i really wanted to go to the concert, but knew it was a long shot to afford getting there, finding a place to sleep, etc. so i waited about a week, and when tickets didn’t sell out right away like some of us had thought, i bought one to support the girls coming overseas (and in the mighty mighty hopes that $1000 would end up at my doorstep looking for a nice comfy wallet to call home :p ). no such luck, and even though i would love so much to be there, financially it’s just not in the cards for me to get from seattle to new york. 

SO! i’m not selling it for profit for more than the original cost. i paid $50, it’s yours for $25 or i would be more than happy to do a trade for h!p goods.  it is not VIP. it’s in electronic form, so i can email it to you. funds would be transferred through paypal. 

i really want to help someone go that could not otherwise afford a ticket. if this is you or someone you know, please don’t hesitate to send me a message and/or email me at

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lmao it’s unavoidable. i feel like i get something similar every single time i pause tsunku lol. 

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Shige san

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The hiatus announcement of Berryz Kobo has given a huge shock to the whole idol industry. In fact there are surprisingly many active idols who used to adore Berryz Kobo. A music journalist who knows a lot about idols explains “The members of Berryz Kobo are now 20 to 22 years old. At the time of their debut, they all were only 9 to 12 years old elementary school students. It was bit after Morning Musume and Mini Moni had become a phenomenon, and you could find many elementary schoolgirl fans at Hello! Project concerts. For those fangirls it was quite a wonder to see Berryz members of about the same age as themselves singing and dancing on stage as idols. And it would have been natural for them to dream of themselves becoming idols someday. For those elementary school girls Berryz Kobo was the true THEIR idol, since there’re few idol groups other than H!P back then.” In this connection, the elder members of Berryz Kobo, Shimizu Saki and Tsugunaga Momoko are in the same school year as Maeda Atsuko, Itano Tomomi (the ex-AKB48 members) and Takahashi Minami (the current general director of AKB). In a way they followed Berryz Kobo’s path started from elementary school days and eventually they’ve become idols themselves. “If we didn’t have Berryz Kobo’s debut 10 years ago, there couldn’t have been as many idol candidates as we have today. I mean, today’s ‘idol boom’ owes a lot to Berryz Kobo actually. That’s why I think it really regrettable that such a great group is going to go hiatus” the music jounalist says. Now the legendary idol group which laid the foundation for today’s idol boom has announced their hiatus, and an era seems to be ending.

(via 活動停止に衝撃!「アイドルブームはBerryz工房のおかげ」 (2/2ページ) - 芸能 - ZAKZAK)

another reason it boggles my mind why the “childish” side of h!p is no more. i was first exposed to momusu back in the early 2000s, but it was mini moni that made me fall head over heels for h!p (and I wasn’t even in elementary lol). if anything there should have been a mini moni reboot over the country musume one (even if it did fail).

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