Gaki-san as a surprise guest at Nacchi’s 30th birthday party [x]

posted 9 hours ago on Sep 01
posted 1 day ago on Aug 30
rahpo asked:
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Favorite member of Colorful Era?

it’s an eternal struggle between riho and zukki

Least favorite member of Colorful Era?

i hate to be uneventful lol but i really find something lovable and valuable in every member! i guess the girl i follow the least is eripon?

11 Favorite music video?

kare to issho ni omise ga shitaii, pyoko pyoko ultra.. and if we’re getting old school it’s mr. moonlight hands down. 

13 Most entertaining girl?

riho specifically for moments like these: 

14 Least entertaining girl?

idk i’ve honestly seen them all do entertaining things on too many occasions to count lol 

22 What girl would you like to be center?

zukki zukki zuuuuu~kki

23 Who do you identify with the most?

riho because i’m a huge pervert that’s super shy and my voice cracks all the time when i sing lol

33 of the current lineup, which girl do you look forward to being the leader?

since i’ve already set my mind to harunan and mizuki having a dual leadership, aside from them i’d love to see zukki as leader or duu someday.

posted 1 day ago on Aug 30

this video makes me such a big cry baby mess.


posted 1 day ago on Aug 30

having my own personal risako love fest today 

posted 4 days ago on Aug 28

here’s the link for those who asked! 

morning musume 14 FC hawaii performance + solos

posted 4 days ago on Aug 27

beautiful beautiful beautiful but wtf is up with karin’s hair

posted 5 days ago on Aug 27

so impressed with zukki’s and ayumi’s hawaii solos. AND I COULDN’T EVEN RECOGNIZE ERIPON. she was the best i’ve ever heard her, she really shined here. seriously i just paused it to double check the set list because i still can’t believe that’s her singing.

also it was too sweet when then audience yelled ganbare ganbare when harunan ran out of breath and eripon squeaked lol

posted 5 days ago on Aug 27